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Joe Longobardi spent his childhood in Europe and Asia; his father having work overseas. Despite living in mostly landlocked areas, Joe had an obsession with the water and water life. At the young age of 5, he convinced his mother to let him see the 1974 movie, JAWS. Instead of making Joe fearful of the water, it somehow intensified his curiosity. As a teen and during college, Joe spent his summers with his grandparents in Wildwood, NJ. Here, he had the opportunity to work as a mate on fishing boats and as a Jet Ski rental guide. Joe attended West Virginia University and graduated in 1993.

Unsure of a career, Joe spent six months living in the Florida Keys, boating, diving and fishing, and in his spare time, working at a water sport business. Feeling that he needed to get a “real job”, Joe found himself soon living in Sarasota, FL, working in sales for a propane company. Working for this company allowed Joe to meet and to interact with all a lot of people and not sit at a desk; both of these, his criteria for a good job. Something was missing, however; water.

Joe eventually moved to Miami and started his career as a yacht broker, working for International Yacht brokers. He knew this was what he wanted to do in his professional life. Desiring a more relaxed living environment, with the encouragement of a good friend, Joe again relocated. Moving to the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis Maryland, Joe began selling new boats and crafting his brokerage expertise for the last 15 years. Joe prides himself in building lasting relationships with his clients, always keeping the Golden Rule in mind with each client and deal. Big boat or small, Joe treats everyone with this same philosophy.

Joe lives on Kent Island, MD with his wife and 3 children. Water is part of their lives every day.


“I’ve worked with Joe since 2002 and done seven deals with him. Whether I’m buying or selling, Joe has provided unbelievable value in each transaction due to his vast experience, knowledge, and his extensive network built up over his years in the business. Because other brokers respect Joe, his deals go smoothly and are closed quickly. He has consistently gone above and beyond expectations and is a true pleasure to work with.”

Howdy Bubert
Baltimore, MD